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Concrete - a building material which is formed by curing the mixture of binder, aggregates, additives and water. It is widely distributed both in industry and in private construction.

The most important characteristic of concrete - compressive strength, which determines its brand.

In determining the grade of concrete are the main characteristic - compressive strength (MPa) (B1; V1,5; B2; V2,5, V3,5, B5, B7.5, B10; V12,5; B15; B20; B25; B30 ; B40; B45; B50; B55; B60).

In the construction used mainly following grades of concrete:

Concrete - B10 (M150)

Concrete - B10 (M150) is used for preparatory work by pouring monolithic foundations, as well as floor screed, concrete walkways.

Concrete - B15 (M200)

Concrete - B15 (M200) Chassis stamp concrete. This brand is used in the manufacture of concrete: the blind area, concrete screeds, paths and stairs. Apply concrete brand M200 and for tape, plate and pile-rostverkovyh foundations.

Concrete - B20 (M250)

Concrete - B20 (M250) - intermediate between the popular brands of M200 and M300 concrete. Used to create the tape, MDF, pile-rostverkovyh foundations, sidewalks, concrete pavings, fencing tapes, lightly loaded slabs and other structures

Concrete - B25 (M350)

Concrete - B25 (M350) is mainly used in the creation of critical structures in commercial construction. Because it makes pile-rostverkovye foundations, monolithic walls of the pool, beams.

Concrete - B30 (M400)

Concrete - B30 (M400) of the high strength, high speed setting, and the high price is almost never used in private construction. Main application: building bridges, bank vaults, hydro-technical structures, columns and beam ceilings in high-rise building and the construction of seismically active regions.

Hydraulic concrete kind of heavy concrete, which is used in the construction of buildings structures, or fragments thereof, are periodically in contact with the aqueous medium, either continuously

Hardeners for concrete is a highly effective additive for concrete, accelerating the hydration process of the concrete mix.

Supplements Anti freezing to -10 ° C.

Antifreeze additive in concrete - possible to build any facilities even during the winter in freezing temperatures.

Dilutions 1/2, 1/3;

Concrete pipes (plugs) in diameter from Ø150 mm to Ø1000 mm